AISSA Organizes the following Training Programmes to equip and nurture the Christian Educators/Sunday School teachers of AISSA constituent bodies and other people concerned.
Regional Intensive Training Institute for Sunday School Teachers in all India.
Holistic Family Seminar
Rural Sunday School Teachers Training Programme
Consultations on Current Challenges of Christian Education.
A national level crash courses on Christian Education to the Theological students.
Holistic Child Care Training Programme.
Christian Communication Institute (Audio Visual Workshop for Christian Educators)
Adventurous Camp for children to explore and exhibit the God given talent.


BEING GOD’S PEOPLE – A curriculum for Sunday School Children (graded lessons). The new graded Sunday School Curriculum – GREEN SUNDAY SCHOOL will be finished shortly.

MASIHI BAALAK – A curriculum for Sunday School Children and also for Adult (Ungraded)

Sunday School Teachers Training Manual (in 8 different languages)
Christian Education leaglets on contemporary issues.

AISSA Magazine (Quarterly)
Education material such as Audio and video cassettes, Film stripes, slides etc.

International Bible Reading Association (IBRA) is a world wide service of the National Christian Education Council at work in over 80 Countries. AISSA publishes and promotes IBRA Literature in India.


AISSA has been maintaining and creating its liaison between the NCCI member Churches, Regional councils, Other Christian Organizations and Overseas partners periodically through its communication network.


AISSA has been rendering its assistance through the possible resources such as
Organizing resource people and assigning them to the Churches with the needed expertise in their training programmes and to advise and equip the church bodies in their research and planning especially in the Christian Education Programmes.
Initiating AISSA Partnership Programmes with a view to enrich the Ecumenical fellowship and to streamline the resources together for a joint venture.
Extending leadership through the AISSA network of support consisting of the General Secretary, Associate General Secretary and the Regional Secretaries of South, North, West and North East India who would monitor and assist the Churches in need in the respective Region.


The aims and objectives of AISSA are being promoted through the following ares of concern.
Sunday School Movement in Rural and Urban areas.
Sunday School Unions in the Regional level.
Sunday School Teachers Fellowship.
An Extended Sunday School (Centrifugal approach)